Top 5 Table Flower Styles

When it comes to decorating your wedding or event we know there are so many questions and so much choice. Will you have round or Long tables, tall or low displays and  will the guests be able to chat unhindered?

Having designed florals for hundreds of weddings and events we thought we would give you […]

Lavender Land

How has the first week of 2018 been for you?

Here at Flower30 its been a week of reflection on how far we have come in our life with this business of flowers; this time last year I had a little baby daughter ,6 year old son, the hubster and everything that involves.

This year I […]

Christmas Flowers for the Home

So this weekend the clocks went back (extra hour in bed?) the days are getting rather chilly.
Bonfire night is at the weekend (we always go to a fantastic local village display I’ve been going since I was a child now I get to take my own children.)
For us this signals the beginning of Christmas […]

Flower30 News for 2015


Welcome to a New Year and Flower30 news.

Congratulations if you are embarking on a wedding journey.

What will 2015 bring? Well if 2014 is any thing to go on its likely to be rather exciting.

Taking a break over Christmas as given us the chance to look back and remind ourselves of the fantastic couples we […]

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