This should ideally be done as soon as possible to avoid disappointment, as at Flower30 we work unto 18 months in advance.

Definitely if you have a particular look in mind it is worth considering in which season this will work, best the types of flowers available, textures, even the light will effect how displays will look, the atmosphere of the day and in your photos.

I have had the opportunity to decorate some amazing places and one of my favourites was a wonderful local hall we festooned tables, garlands, trees, fire places and even bedrooms with flowers and fruits

It is always useful to be given some idea of the budget, this enables me to workout what I can create and I may even come up with something you may have thought was beyond the budget.

The people are the most important thing about any event and how I am going to bring the couples’ personalities into the designs; flowers are the best way to set a scene.