How has the first week of 2018 been for you?

Here at Flower30 its been a week of reflection on how far we have come in our life with this business of flowers; this time last year I had a little baby daughter ,6 year old son, the hubster and everything that involves.

This year I feel huge amounts of gratitude for all l have and more like myself ready to embrace all that being a working mum entails.  How we plan to build upon our experiences  & knowledge to forge ahead with our evolving plans for Flower30.

But first let me transport you back to days of summer…..

Imagine the sun on your face the sound of trickling water and birdsong and the heady scent of Lavender.

We spent a day just like this creating a Lavender, Punk, retro mashup photoshoot.


It was a crazy creative boiling pot of possibilities we had the use of  Fantastic Norfolk Lavender, there are so many brilliant spaces to create beautiful scenes, we opted for the Lavender fields(of course) and the wonderful island with sweeping steps with industrial and rustic elements.

For the florals we decided to play with scale.

From a dainty posy incorporating pale purple tones of Lavender and sweet pea.

To our flower fan (people love these) this one we created using Lavender ,Craspedia, Heather and Hydrangea.

With a huge clashing statement bouquet which has been a favourite for brides in 2017 and looks set to continue this year. This bouquet looked sensational with hand painted leather jacket and hot pink Dr Martins.

Emma at Buns of fun bakery created cakes which where feast for the eyes and absolutely delicious.

The fantastic creative team included

Venue:              Norfolk Lavender 

Photography:  Big Phat photography 

Cakes:               Buns of Fun Bakery

Flowers:            Flower30

Make up:           Kirstie makeup

Nails:                 Beauty hobo 

Stationary:        Wonderful wonky weddings 

Jewellery:          Meg Mathews jewellery 

Models:             Lydia Cooper, Laura Reeve ,Annabelle Sadd