With a Royal wedding coming up I thought it would be the perfect time to share with you a modern fairytale.A little while back Flower30 were asked to be involved in a short film with a local company Submotion productions and LkBennett.



We spent a couple of days on set creating florals for various scenes in a luxurious hotel on a super hot day followed by Bylaugh Hall and the woods in the rain, the contrasting aspects of a British summer this coupled with the amount of equipment required to produce the finished film.

I simply had no idea what goes into a project like this it was amazing to see all the expertise and equipment being used………



Huge thank you to Dazed Photography for the images.

To view the finished film please click the link below:

The Shoemakers Tale.

A collaboration of talented individuals to produce a short film all of whom are credited below:

Written and Directed by Richard Prendergast

Producer – Rachel Prendergast

Princess – Naomi Delorme

Shoemaker – Gordon Worsley

Male model – Sean Campbell

Assistant Director – Jake Richardson

1st AC and Camera Op – Tom Coe

2nd AC – Jack Gould

Script Editor – Ben Carroll

Script Editor – Abby Erwin

Wirecam – Craig Hodgkinson

Aerial camera – Ben Sturgess

Voice Artist – Rachel Carroll

Production Assistant/Set Design – Emily Reed Esparza

Make Up – Lanoi Hansakda

Florist – Sharon Pointen – flower30.co.uk

Chauffeur – Justin Anderson

Photographer – Robert Jackson – dazedphotography.com

Compositor (Nuke) – Jack Pond

After Effects – Tom Cowles

Maya – Luke Pett

Special Thanks to;

Nick Flynn @ LK Bennett – lkbennett.com

Lauren Hayes @ LK Bennett – lkbennett.com

Nicole Pugh @ Berrys and Grey – berrysandgrey.co.uk

Alison, John and Jill @ Letton Hall – lettonhall.org

Peter Carroll

Elizabeth Glover @ Bowhill & Elliott – bowhillandelliott.co.uk

Helen Robinson and Ben Budworth @ Bylaugh Hall – lady.co.uk

Robert Gurney and Samantha Gurney

The staff at St Giles House Hotel – stgileshousehotel.com